New Products by alessandro International

The name alessandro International represents not high quality cosmetics and services but is also synonymous with a sure nose for active ingredients and trends. This page provides information about products currently being worked on by the alessandro International trendsetters and developers.


Hand care made by nature.

Nature defines our beauty ideals. Nature produces healing substances. Nature is also the source of health and beauty. A life full of health and sustainability concerning nature ... this is a philosophy of life in which an increasing number of people around the world believe. Inner balance, sustainable actions, and convincing products on purely organic bases - without compromises - that is the new way of living of millions of people worldwide, otherwise known as LOHAS (life of health and sustainability).

With this knowledge and the wish to create something unique, the first purely organic hand and nail care product line was developed. The principles of SOURCE ® were developed based on our many years of experience in hand cosmetics together with the help of specialists and the goal of developing only the best for hands and nails. Only pure and plant-based raw materials, preferably from controlled integrated cultivation and therefore certified to be organic, were used. Experience the luxury of spoiling your hands by exclusively using high quality and purely natural substances on them.