Nail Spa

Natural protection and care for beautiful and healthy nails.

The Nail Spa systematic care consists of three individual care lines with select natural ingredients and vitamins for different types of nails. The soft textures and fantastic fragrances of Nail Spa open up a new dimension of nail care. Caressing aromas from honey milk, marzipan, and exotic fruits make your manicure a sensual and unforgettable experience. NailSpa Manicure is the complete systematic care of all types of nails

Nail Spa Manicure with Lotus

Care and wellness for all nail types.

Nails must be systematically nourished and protected to keep them healthy and beautiful. The Nail Spa manicure products with lotus extracts help you with your care program and make sure you can enjoy beautiful and perfectly groomed nails for a long time.

Nail Spa Control with Rose

For thin, brittle nails requiring extra care.

Thin, brittle, and splintering fingernails lack natural moisture. To remedy this lack of moisture and to strengthen nails, Nail Spa Control products contain rose extracts and an extra portion of hydro care! Return your nails to a healthy state in just a short time: it is easier than you think!

Nail Spa Control with Lavender

For soft nails requiring extra care.

Soft nails need extra supportive care to be strengthened and to be able to hold up to daily stresses. Nail Spa Control products with lavender extracts contain a cleverly balanced combination of highly effective and strengthening ingredients that provide relief after just a few weeks of use.