Fresh Up Lip Colors

Spot On! With light and mirror for on the road

Thanks to the new Fresh Up lipsticks and lip glosses with LED light by alessandro International the search for a mirror and light is over and lips can be freshened up anywhere! Pressing a button softly illuminates lips and the integrated mirror makes freshening up lips easy as pie.

The alessandro International experts focused not only on ease of use but also deep nourishing textures when developing the new lipstick and lip gloss collection. The anti-ageing substances vitamin E, hyalurone, and UV protection work against the natural ageing of the skin and reduce premature wrinkling. Beneficial macadamia oil makes lips super soft. The addition of a mint extract provides a freshness rush when applying the gloss.

The secret of the Lip Volume Booster lies in its unique texture. Enriched with hyalurone acid, lips are plumped naturally by retaining fluid found in cells and stimulates cell regeneration. The Lip Volume Booster makes lips glossy and full in a very short time. Macadamia oil nourishes the tender skin on lips and visible smoothes wrinkled lips. Mint oil provides a breathtaking tingling feeling and freshness rush on lips.

Thanks to its flexible case in the shape of a stick, the Lip Volume Booster is easily applied to lips anytime and anywhere.