Anytime. Any Age.

Our hands are what keeps us in touch with our friends and family, our environment. But we frequently do not pay enough attention to our hands and allow them to become rough and stressed. How can we keep our hands smooth and soft for the rest of our lives? Easy, with Hands!Up – the hand care system for beautiful and well-groomed hands regardless of skin type. The high quality beauty ingredients developed in close cooperation with dermatologists are specially formulated to the different care requirements of hands.

Happy Days

Moisture and protection for any skin type

Our skin is exposed to dry air, heat, cold, wind, and sun on a daily basis. This robs skin of moisture and minerals. And moisture and minerals are the key for beautiful, healthy skin. This is true not only for the face but also especially for our hands because they are constantly exposed to environmental impacts and more severe stresses. To calm skin and retune moisture and protection, we have developed the Happy Days line of care products

Lovely Times

Moisture and energy for stressed hands

The needs and characteristics of our skin changes over time. Lipid layers and collagen fibers become less and skin loses its elasticity. Our hands become more sensitive and the first wrinkles become noticeable. This skin aging progression can be halted and even prevented with the Lovely Times line of products. These care products do not only supply skin with moisture but also activated cell regeneration and thus preserves the youthful appearance of your hands.

Luxury Moments
Intensive anti-aging care for mature hands.

Skin begins to age as early as age 30. Skin pores become enlarged, skin is more sensitive, drier, and less elastic. Wrinkles, redness, pigment spots, and irritated skin are the result. Luxury Moments diminishes these skin aging symptoms. The nourishing but quickly absorbed care products deeply hydrate and tighten skin and counteract pigment spots. To revitalized skin of dry and cracked hands.